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You and an adversarial wizard do battle to the death with arcade soccer platforming action for the magical implement known only as the DeathBall.


Tony Hauber

Game designer

DeathBall started in 2017 as a 6 day project during Tony’s final days in San Francisco leading up to 3rd Annual SF Killer Queen GDC Tournament. While the tournament raged on at San Francisco’s Brewcade, there was small laptop with two XBOX controllers in the corner that was drawing more and more attention. A simple concept, two wizards, one ball, one bubble, one button, lots of possibilities. By the end of the night Brewcade and DeathBall forged a simple promise, if a cabinet was built, it would be put in the bar.

Designed to be a simple one-button, one-joystick game packed with an expressive set of moves, DeathBall quickly grew an awesome fan bases as it toured Killer Queen tournaments and Arcade shows in 8 different states around the US. Now it can be played in 8 different locations around the country, with many more coming on line soon.

DeathBall is headquartered in Elkader, IA, hometown of founder Tony Hauber. Construction is done by local cabinet making shop Creative Woodworking LLC, and all Vinyl is printed and installed by local sing shop Signs-N-Frames. The awesome side art for the cab was done by the branding studio Studio K8Ki.


Gameplay Footage


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San Francisco, CA


August 2017


Columbus, OH

Close Quarters: Social Gaming Club

december 2017 


Cincinnati, OH

Arcade Legacy : Bar Edition

december 2017


Minneapolis, MN


June 2018


Minneapolis, MN

Bauhaus Brew Labs

July 2018


Elkader, IA

Drew’s Bar and Grill



Morgantown, WV

Starport Arcade

September 2018


Jacksonville, FL

Keg and Coin

September 2018


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